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Do you need reliable help in the preparation and filing of personal income tax forms in Farmington?

Emken Financial & Tax Services’s wide range of personal taxation and tax planning services are geared for individuals and families, small business owners, or those retired or self-employed.

Whether you own your own business or work for others, Emken Financial & Tax Services tax specialists remain well-versed in all recent federal and state tax laws to ensure optimal financial benefits at income tax time and all year long.

What distinguishes Emken Financial & Tax Services from other Farmington tax and financial planning services?

Technologically advanced operating systems, dedication to accuracy, and qualified expertise is now available to Farmington taxpayers seeking maximum tax savings and minimal liability. Committed to understanding each client’s financial objectives, Emken Financial & Tax Services develops customized tax plans following an in-depth consultation:

  • Comprehensive review and assessment of all tax and related documents
  • Rapid electronic filing and prompt refunds
  • Tax planning beyond the taxation period
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Informed application of any pertinent personal income exemption
  • Risk management and the minimization of federal or state income tax audit
  • IRS representation
  • Current and long-range planning
  • Personal retirement planning
  • Gift tax planning and reporting

Emken Financial & Tax Services provides guidance on a full range of approaches that promote tax savings and improve cash flow; allow Farmington clients to develop and attain their financial goals.